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Main activity and structure

Main activity

The Bank’s main activity consists of customer cash flow servicing, including the servicing of current accounts, cash transfers (wire transfers), trade finance transactions, brokerage services, foreign exchange, servicing of credit cards, trust management services.
The business plan is mainly geared towards the continuation of its existing business, maintaining a diversified business model focused on customers, as well as the ongoing development of business relationships with its customers..
The organisational structure is based on functionality and comprises eleven departments, each accountable to and supervised by a specific member of the Management Board. In addition, there are committees and commissions accountable to the Management Board. The Bank has a branch in Cyprus.


Organizational structure

AS Expobank
Kr. Valdemara 19
Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
(+371) 67043510
Cyprus Branch
I-Bank Latvia I-Bank Cyprus