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Payment Cards


The Bank offers an international MasterCard providing free access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These cards are highly secure and all payments are available in US dollars and euro.
MasterCard holders will:
•    Carry out highly secure transactions.
•    Not spend time signing cheques, just put in a PIN-code and transactions will be processed much more quickly.
•    Be able use the card in ‘non-adapted’ systems, as the payment card will be provided with a magnetic stripe.
Particular advantage can be gained from using a payment card when travelling abroad, whether on business or pleasure.

An international payment card allows customers to:
•    Quickly and conveniently pay for goods and services worldwide.
•    Purchase goods and services abroad with no need to exchange foreign currencies.
•    Withdraw cash anywhere in the world.
•    Receive salaries and other credits in to the card account.
•    View balances in local ATMs.
•    Use the Bank’s internet banking stream system.


Choose the most favourable card!

Relevant information can be found in the  Regulations section.

Contact the Help desk of subsidiary First Data Latvia on (+371) 6 7092 555 at any time:
•    If your payment card is lost or stolen.
•    If you need a professional consultation on POS terminals or you have any other questions about payment cards.

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