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Payment Cards

The Bank offers an international MasterCard providing free access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These cards are highly secure and all payments are available in US dollars and euro.
MasterCard holders will:

  • Carry out highly secure transactions.
  • Not spend time signing cheques, just put in a PIN-code and transactions will be processed much more quickly.
  • Be able use the card in ‘non-adapted’ systems, as the payment card will be provided with a magnetic stripe.

Particular advantage can be gained from using a payment card when travelling abroad, whether on business or pleasure.

An international payment card allows customers to:

  • Quickly and conveniently pay for goods and services worldwide.
  • Purchase goods and services abroad with no need to exchange foreign currencies.
  • Withdraw cash anywhere in the world.
  • Receive salaries and other credits in to the card account.
  • View balances in local ATMs.
  • Use the Bank’s internet banking stream system.
Choose the most favourable card!
Contact the Help desk of subsidiary First Data Latvia on (+371) 6 7092 555 at any time:
·         If your payment card is lost or stolen.
·         If you need a professional consultation on POS terminals or any other question about payment cards.

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