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22.02.2019, 21:30:57 
AS Expobank non-cash currency exchange rates
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EUR/USD 1.113 1.154
GBP/USD 1.287 1.326
USD/CHF 0.98 1.014
USD/RUB 63.42 67.34
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CIPS participation

Dear Customers!

Please be informed that since 27 July 2016 our bank has officially joined the CIPS (China Cross-border Interbank Payment System) as Indirect Participant in CIPS clearing of cross-border RMB payments. CIPS was initiated by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and had been successfully launched in October last year. The participation in this system will reduce the payment processing time and will allow to execute payments with the same-day value (T+0).

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