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Start : Confidentiality and personal data

Confidentiality and personal data

An Employee is careful when using, processing and storing the information entrusted to him/her, and observes the requirements of the Bank’s internal regulations that concern the classification and usage of such information.
Confidential information is any piece of information concerning the Bank, its customers or business partners and not published on the Bank’s website or in mass media.
The Employees act decently, observe confidentiality in all their actions, and care about the protection of information at all levels of the Bank’s activity:
  • personal data of partners and customers;
  • information about partners and customers – their accounts, transactions, economic activity, financial status, etc., – that can only be disclosed with the partner’s or customer’s written permission or in cases when such disclosure is required by the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia or the European Union;
  • information about the Bank’s assets, financial data, intellectual property, internal regulations and information systems.
The Employees are conscious that the Bank’s competitive capacity and reputation depends on the security and confidentiality of information, its disclosure may create losses or otherwise affect the interests of the Bank, its customers or business partners, therefore any actions that may negatively influence the security of the Bank’s information are impermissible for the Employees.
The Employees are responsible not only for the nondisclosure of confidential information to third persons, but also for the prevention of such disclosure as a result of direct or indirect actions (inaction) of other employees or insufficient security of information systems.
The Employees are conscious that the information at their disposal is meant for the purposes of the Bank’s activity only, therefore the Employees do not allow its disclosure or use for obtaining any personal benefit. This also refers to any possible benefit that the third persons, including family members, might get out of the information disclosed by the Employees.
Personal data processing
AS Expobank carries out processing of personal data of customers, their representatives, true beneficiaries and other persons connected with the customer, including data collection, registration, recording, storing, arrangement, transformation, utilisation, transfer, transmission and dissemination, blockage or erasure in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law in the Republic of Latvia and other laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.
AS Expobank carried out processing of personal data is registered in the Data State Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia (registration of processing No 000675, number of certificate 000681).
AS Expobank is registered as the data controller of the personal data processing with this aims of processing of personal data – to account customers and their operations, to account customers and their payment card operations, to provide the physical security (video surveillance).
To protect the rights and interests of a person, AS Expobank processes data only in accordance with the operational purposes of AS Expobank and to the extent, necessary for such purpose.

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