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Equities and options

The Bank supports clients’ operations in international equity and options markets as well as operations with exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With the assistance of the Bank’s broker team or professional trading platforms, clients can participate in trading on more than 100 exchanges across five continents, including the following:

  • North America.
  • Europe.
  • Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Russian Federation.

When dealing with equities, a full range of accompanying services is also offered:

  • Additional financing against pledge of equities
  • “Short” sales opportunities in case of “bear” speculations
  • Participation in initial placements (IPO)
  • Participation in corporate events of issuers, such as additional issues, conversion of shares, etc.

The following will answer questions regarding the application and delivery process of documents regulating our cooperation:

  • Experts of the Brokerage Operations Division via +371 66155777, +7 495 2499024, and
  • Your AS Expobank client service manager.

Brokerage and custody services are provided in accordance with EU directive MiFID. AS Expobank client service managers will answer your questions regarding account opening. Documents regulating our cooperation are available at the Regulations section.


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