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Opening a Trading account

To begin operations in financial markets utilising the brokerage services, customers must open a current account with AS Expobank.

Prospective clients are required to:

  • Read the documents regulating our cooperation in the Regulations section.
  • Complete and sign the application for receiving brokerage services.
  • Complete and sign the client questionnaire to evaluate experience and knowledge in dealing with financial instruments, as required by the European Union (EU) directive MiFID;
  • Complete and sign  the agreement granting professional status to client if the bank grants the client the professional status, having analysed the client questionnaire or upon the client’s request. The Bank focuses on rendering investment services to professional clients and does not offer investment services to clients that do not have such status.

The following will answer questions regarding the application and delivery process of documents regulating our cooperation:

  • Experts of the Brokerage Operations Division via +371 66155777, +7 495 2499024, and
  • your AS Expobank client service manager.


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