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Professional client status

One of MiFID’s requirements is client classification when providing investment services, including brokerage services. According to the said classification, a professional client has ample experience and knowledge for independent operations with financial instruments, including financial instruments and trading strategies with potentially high investment risk (derivative financial instruments and margin trading).
AS Expobank focuses on rendering investment services to professional clients and does not offer investment services to clients that do not have such status.
The professional client status may be granted to a client if the client is a legal entity and meets one of the criteria listed below:

  • They have a professional market participant license (a banking, broker, depository license, etc.).
  • They meet at least two of the requirements below:
  • The balance value of their assets is at least EUR 20,000,000.
    Annual trading turnover is at least EUR 40,000,000.
    Equity capital is at least EUR 2,000,000.
  • Financial operation is the client’s principal business activity.

The professional client status may also be granted to a client upon their request if the client is an individual or a legal entity that meets two of the criteria listed below:

  • They executed at least 10 transactions of substantial volume with respective financial instruments during the most active quarter of the preceding four quarters.
  • The aggregate financial portfolio of the client (considering the money and value of the financial instruments) is at least EUR 500,000.
  • The client held a position that requires the understanding of respective financial operations and instruments for at least a year.

To apply for the professional client status, please do the following:

For more information about financial market trading facilities and brokerage services, please contact AS Expobank Brokerage Operations Division on +371 66155777, +7 495 2499024, or
AS Expobank client service managers will answer your questions regarding account opening. Documents regulating our cooperation are available at the Regulations section.


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