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Payment Cards

AS Expobank offers internationally recognized credit cards Mastercard Gold that provide convenient and high-security transactions.
Mastercard Gold corporate cards allow you to simplify the order of payments and accounting of business, representative, travel and other including unforeseen expenses. Using a payment card on business trips and traveling, you can avoid problems and unnecessary costs associated with the exchange of cash abroad, because when paying by cards, money is automatically converted into local currency.
Card statements helps to control and analyze the employees’ expenditures, to plan business traveling and future business expenses.
With a Mastercard credit card you have an opportunity to:
  • pay for goods and services everywhere in the world, where Mastercard cards are accepted;
  • withdraw cash at ATMs everywhere in the world, where Mastercard cards are accepted;
  • make online payments, reservations and pay for hotel and car hire service;
  • enjoy privileges at theatres, museums, hotels, restaurants and shops under the Mastercard Priceless Cities programme.
The payment card is linked to a separate card account with funds which can be used only for card transactions.
The customer can:
  • choose the most suitable card account currency: euro or US dollars that would enable adjusting the card currency to the operations carried out on an everyday basis;
  • order a card for himself and supplementary cards for family members;
  • quickly and conveniently obtain the information about card payments and find out the actual balance of the card account via Internet bank system;
  • refill the card account from customer’s current account in AS Expobank via Internet bank system at any time;
  • use the opportunity to connect users of additional cards to the Internet bank system in viewing mode free of charge;
  • use his own funds on the card account and can also use a loan granted by the Bank (up to 75% of the Secure deposit) with a flexible repayment.


You can find more detail about card account terms and conditions in the Regulations section.



In case of loss or theft of the card or if there is a suspicion that the card information has been cloned (for example if the notification SMS with a password is received but you haven’t made any Internet purchases lately) please immediately contact (+371) 6 7092 555 (SIA Worldline Latvia, 24-hour service) to block the card.

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