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Basic Account

AS Expobank offers to consumers, who are residents of the European Unioni or to persons who are not granted a residence permit, but whose expulsion from Latvia under laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia is impossible, to open and use a demand deposit account (current account), including the services listed below (hereinafter - Basic Account), unless such opening of the Basic Account is not limited under applicable laws.
Services offered by AS Expobank within the Basic Account include:
  • Multi-currency current account (all operations necessary for the current account opening, maintenance and closure, including the Credit transfers, if the payee’s account is opened with a payment service provider in Latvia or European Union member state);
  • Cash operations (crediting the account with funds and withdrawal of funds from the account);
  • Connection to the INTERNET Banking.
A fee stated in Tariffs of Bank operations and other financial services for private persons of residents of the Republic of Latvia is charged for execution and maintenance of the Basic Account.
If you would like to open the Basic Account with AS Expobank, we kindly ask you to visit the Bank's premises (in the customer service area at Kr.Valdemara street 19, Riga, Latvia), to apply and sign the Agreement on the opening and maintenance of the Basic Account and other supporting documents specified by the Bank. In addition, we will kindly ask you to sign a declaration that you have no current account ensuring the said services opened with another credit institution in Latvia.
AS Expobank takes a decision to open the Basic Account within 10 working days receipt of all documents required for opening the Basic Account.
The Basic Account service may be refused and terminated in cases laid down in the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money, as well as under the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.


[i] Citizens of the Republic of Latvia, non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia or citizens of another European Union member state, European Economic Area member state or Swiss Confederation, as well as persons entitled to reside in Latvia in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, including asylum seekers or refugees or persons who have acquired alternative status, even if the person has not declared his/her place of residence in Latvia.

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