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A deposit can be a reliable and a regular source of interest income. In just a few minutes customers can complete a deposit agreement under attractive terms and conditions. Deposits may be opened in euro and US dollars for time periods of 6 months to 2 years. The Bank aims to offer highly competitive rates of interest on deposits.

In order to become a customer of AS Expobank, customers need to sign a bilateral agreement, which guarantees the mutual interests of both parties. By making a deposit, customers are offered the Bank`s issued Maestro debit card, allowing the withdrawal of cash.
The following term deposits are available:

  • Urgent term deposit with a periodicity of interests disbursement  in accordiance with the term, settled by the deposit agreement (the interests are payed out monthly or quarterly).
  • Urgent term deposit with an accrued interest disbursement at the end of the validity term of the deposit agreement.
Once the deposit term has ended, the interest and principal amount will be transferred into the customers current account.

Relevant information can be found in the Regulations section.

Tariffs of banking operations and other financial services are included in the Service Fees section.

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