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The Bank effects international and local wire transfers in basic currencies: US dollars, EUR and also in other convertible currencies, in RUR and other currencies of Commonwealth of Independent States. In order to make a transfer, customers will need to complete a payment order and transmit it to the bank. The Bank’s internet banking stream system enables immediate online payments.
 The Banks offers several payment types:

  • Payments in favour of banks in the EEU.
  • SEPA payments – processed at the same business day if received by 15.30hrs.
  • Urgent payments – processed at the same business day if received by 16.30hrs.
SEPA (Single EURO Payments Area) is a type of payment, providing all consumers, entities and state authorities regardless of their location within Europe, with the ability to remit and receive both cross-border and domestic payments in euro in correspondence with uniform basic terms and conditions, rights and duties.
To make a SEPA payment, you must satisfy the following requirements:

•    The currency of the payment must be the euro.
•    Payments can be transferred only to banks in EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.
•    These are standard payments.
•    The account number must be stated in the IBAN format.
•    The bank’s SWIFT code must be indicated.
•    The payer only pays his or her bank’s commission fee (the fee is split).
•    There is full information about the recipient’s bank and the recipient as such.

To make international transfers customers can choose one of the bank commission types (for detailed information about commission types see Tariffs):
  • OUR (customer) — the Customer pays a commission to the Bank in accordance with the Bank’s tariffs. If the other banks involved in the Credit transfer apply commission payments, the Bank debits those commissions from the Customer’s account without further authorisation, the banks having no right to withhold their commissions from the Credit transfer amount and being obliged to credit the amount of transfer to the Beneficiary’s account in full.
  • SHA (partial) — the Customer pays a commission to the Bank in accordance with the Bank’s tariffs. All commissions of the other banks involved in the Credit transfer are withheld from the Beneficiary’s account or from the amount of the Credit transfer.
  • BEN (beneficiary) — all commissions are paid by the Beneficiary. The Bank’s commission, in accordance with the Bank’s tariffs, is withheld from the amount indicated on the Payment Order.
Qualified bank staff are always available to help choose the most suitable payment type.
Regular payments
Regular payment ensures regular transfers from the client’s account to a recipient’s account in a specified amount and on a specified date.

With regular payment, it is possible to transfer funds to accounts held within the Bank or within other banks. Payments may be made in EUR and also in foreign currencies.
The application for regular payment can be submitted upon arrival at the Bank or via online banking. After receiving the application for regular payment the Bank will effect payment on the specified date in accordance with the specified details.

Relevant information can be found in the
Regulations section.

Tariffs of banking operations and other financial services are included in the Service Fees section.

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